One lesson I’ve learned in my fitness journey is the number on the scale doesn’t matter at all. What really matters is the relationship you have with your own self-image, food, and body.

If you are eating healthy and working out, sometimes the scale doesn’t appear to move, you are not alone. This is a common problem for many people. They focus too much on what the scale says, and if it doesn’t move they feel terrible and give up. Don’t let this get you down because the number does not tell the full story.

Here are some reasons why the number on the scale doesn’t matter

Your Body Composition Is Changing

It can be frustrating when the scale doesn’t move after you’ve changed to a healthy diet and lifestyle. This can be very discouraging but it doesn’t mean you aren’t progressing. When the scale doesn’t move, it means you are losing body fat and gaining muscle.

Your Weight Fluctuates Daily

If you weigh yourself daily (which you shouldn’t) you may notice the number fluctuates each day. This could be down to water retention. Drink plenty of water and lower your salt intake to avoid fluid retention and stop stressing over the number on the scale.

Your Weight Does Not Always Show Health

Just because someone is thin doesn’t mean they are healthy. Don’t let the number on the scale be your health gauge. Heavier people can be in better overall health due to lifestyle choices and diet. Focus on practicing healthier habits and consistency. For improved health make changes that you can stick to for life. The number on the scale doesn’t tell us if we have better blood pressure or cholesterol levels.

Your Clothes Tell The Truth

Instead of measuring your progress based on the number on the scale, instead, look at how your clothes fit. If you notice your clothes fit better then the number on the scale doesn’t matter. Let your clothes decide if your healthier lifestyle is paying off. If you notice your clothes becoming loose celebrate and buy some new clothes.

It Can Ruin Your Day

If you stress about the number on the scale and let it ruin your day, you are not alone, this is normal. You can have 3 different people all weigh the same but have 3 completely different physiques. Instead of focusing on your weight, just focus on adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Your Scale Does Not Account For Everything

When you step on the scale you are weighing everything from muscle to fat, and the food you just ate, even the glass of water you just drank.

Focus on your happiness, your energy levels, your sleep, and reducing stress levels. This makes the journey more enjoyable.

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